November 26, 2012

Frazer Hare wins Lockerbie Superspiel

Frazer Hare and his team of Robbie Dick, Jamie Strawhorn and Don Frame defeated Graeme Black, Scott Hamilton, Colin Howden and Allan Marshall to win the Lockerbie Superspiel at the weekend.

Frazer qualified top of the section with 7 points courtesy of a 6-5 win over Graham Sheddon in his last schenkel game. At that point any one of five teams was in with a shout of the top four places and had Frazer not made his two in the last end he might not have made it through to the quarter finals.

Graeme Black qualified second out of the same section along with Neil Joss and Christine Cannon.

David Edwards topped Section A with Gavin Fleming, David Hardie and the Canadian rink Kelly Marnoch filling the other spots for the quarterfinals.

All four of the quarter finals were closely fought games with David Edward defeating Christine Cannon 5-2, Graeme Black defeating David Hardie 5-4, Gavin Fleming defeating Neil Joss 5-4 and Frazer Hare defeating Kelly Marnoch 6-5.

The semi finals pitched David Edwards against Graeme Black and with a steal of one in the 8th end Graeme edged this one 4-2.

Frazer’s team were up against SCT founder Gavin Fleming and although Gavin lost a six in the second end fought back to be tied 7-7 coming down the last. Frazer managed to hold his nerve to come through 9-7.

The final was decided by a decisive steal of three in the 6th end to give Frazer's team a 6-3 lead which was enough to secure the title.

David Edwards won the 3-4 play off game defeating Gavin Fleming 5-3.

A great weekend was had by all and a special thanks must go to all involved in making this event a success. A special thanks also to Richard Smith for being the compare for the quiz on Saturday night.

November 19, 2012

Stirling Invitational Draw

The draw for the Stirling Invitational has been made and is detailed below
Group A                                 Group C

A1 Tom Brewster               C1 Daryl Russel

A2 Hammy McMillan          C2 Glen Muirhead

A3 David Hay                     C3 Stuart Taylor

A4 Adrian Meikle                C4 Mark Neeleman

A5 Keith Wilson                  C5 Ewan MacDonald

A6 Alan Hannah                 C6 Kyle Smith

Group B                                 Group D

B1 Murray Young               D1 Warwick Smith

B2 Graham Shedden         D2 Bruce Mouat

B3 Frazer Hare                  D3 Kelly Marnoch

B4 David Edwards             D4 Graeme Black

B5 Logan Gray                  D5 Mathias Genner

B6 Alan Mitchell                 D6 Grant Hardie

Friday 30 November 

Start Finish   Sheet 1   Sheet 2  Sheet 3   Sheet 4  Sheet 5  Sheet 6

09:00 11:10   C1-C6   C2-C5   C3-C4   D1-D6   D2-D5   D3–D4

11:30 13:40   A1-A6   A2-A5   A3-A4   B1-B6   B2-B5   B3–B4

14:30 16:40   D5-D1   D6-D4   D2-D3   C5-C1   C4-C6   C2-C3

17:00 19:10   B5-B1   B6-B4   B2-B3   A5-A1   A4-A6   A2-A3

19:30 21:40   C2-C4   C1-C3   C5-C6   D2-D4   D1-D3   D5-D6

Saturday 1 December 

08:00 10:10   A2-A4   A1-A3   A5-A6   B2-B4   B1-B3   B5-B6

10:30 12:40   D3-D5  D6-D2   D1-D4   C3-C5   C6-C2   C1-C4

13:30 15:40   B3-B5   B6-B2   B1-B4   A3-A5   A6-A2   A1-A4

16:00 18:10   C6-C3   C5-C4   C2-C1   D6-D3   D5-D4   D2-D1

18:30 20:40   A6-A3   A5-A4   A2-A1   B6-B3   B5-B4   B2-B1

Sunday 2 December

08:30 10:30   A1-D2   C1-B2   B1-C2   D1-A2

11:30 13:30   W1-W2                 W3-W4

14:30 16:30                    W-W

November 14, 2012

Lockerbie Superspiel Draw

The draw has been made for the Lockerbie Superspiel from 23-25 November and will be played in 2 sections of 8 teams with top 4 in each qualifying for the quarter finals.

                         Section A

Andrew Maitland  v    Gus van Imhoff
David Jones         v    David Edwards
Duncan Gracie     v    David Hardie
Gavin Fleming     v    Kelly Marnoch

                         Section B

James Pougher     v   Graeme Prentice
Alan Mitchell         v    Christine Cannon
Graeme Black      v    Frazer Hare
Neil Joss              v    Graham Shedden

November 05, 2012

Team MacDonald wins the Skins

Ewan MacDonald and his team of Duncan Fernie, Ally Fraser and Euan Byers defeated Alexander Christie, Ali Asher, Ross Cope and Robbie Cope to win the Inverness Skins at the weekend.

After topping their section Ewan's team defeated Iain Fraser in the quarter final before edging a close one against Grant Hardie (deputising for Murray Young) in the semi final.

Sandy Christie defeated Neil MacArthur and Kerry Barr to progress to the final.

At the half way stage the overall leaderboard now has Murray Young up level with Hannah Fleming on 15 points with a host of teams now breathing down their necks.

Next stop is Lockerbie in 2 weeks time where I believe there are still a couple of spaces left.